In 1947, with an opening Mass celebrated in the Community Center in Otisville,the Parish Family of St. Francis was begun.

While Sister Carol Weber was Pastoral Coordinator (1995-1999) a year of Jubilee for the FIFTY YEARS OF FAITH as a parish was celebrated. It was at this Jubilee year, 1997, that a Time Capsule was buried. Included in the capsule were pictures of interest and a simple booklet with pages written by parish members of all ages. The first and second graders of 1997 were commissioned to open the time capsule in 50 years. The Time Capsule was buried near the east entrance of the church. A large rock marks the place.

The Sacramental Minister, Fr. Eoin Murphy, who had been appointed for five years with Sr. Carol became the new administrator in 1999.

In 2001 Father Gerald Ploof from SS Charles and Helena in Clio, was appointed Canonical Pastor for two years hiring Sr.Elaine LaBell as Pastoral Manager in July of that year. June of 2003 she became appointed as Pastoral Coordinator. Elaine LaBell is a Grand Rapids Domincian Sister.

Father Francis Faraci was assigned as Sacramental Minister to St. Francis Xavier in June of 2003.

When Bishop Boyea became bishop of the Diocese of Lansing, he appointed Canonical Pastors to oversee each of the parishes with Pastoral Coordinators. At that time, Fr. Gerald Ploof was designated the canonical pastor for St. Francis Xavier parish. July 2011, when Fr. Jerry retired, the new pastor of SS Charles and Helena, Fr. Thomas Butler was appointed as the Canonical Pastor for St. Francis Xavier.

In 2012, Fr. Bob McGraw became Pastor at SS. Charles and Helena Church in Clio, thus becoming the Canonical Pastor of St. Francis Xavier.

In 2014, Sr. Elaine LaBell stepped down as Pastoral Coordinator. She had taken a position in Grand Rapids serving her religious community as Director of Vocations.

August 1, 2014, Mr. Scott M. Fitzgerald was appointed through Fr. Bob McGraw in Clio to be Pastoral Associate for St. Francis Xavier Church.

July 1, 2015, Fr. Kenneth F. Coughlin became Pastor at SS. Charles and Helena Church in Clio and St. Francis Xavier Church.

Our Parish Family continues to flourish. We are growing as intentional disciples falling ever in love with Jesus, called to pray and to serve in this community of Otisville and its surroundings.