Next Sunday, Pentecost Sunday, we will celebrate our first public Mass here at St. Francis.  All are invited, however, we are only allowed 25% of our seating capacity. This comes to 85 people. So first come, first served; once we reach this number the rest will be turned away.

Also, a mask is required and must be worn while at Mass.  Its encouraged to leave children 7 and under home. Mainly because they don’t understand the social distancing very well.  Dispensation for going to Mass still goes thru July 31st.  Finally, please keep the six feet distance between others and follow the instructions given before Mass.

We hope you will come join us and be able to once again receive Jesus in the Holy Eucharist on the birthday of our Catholic Church. Mass will be at its usual time, 10:00 a.m. on May 31st.