A quote from Pope Francis:

“The transformation of the heart that leads us to confess our sins is a gift from God … it is ‘His work.’ As we leave the confessional, we were his strength that restores life and rekindles the enthusiasm of faith. After confession we are reborn.”

“Jesus’ call impels us all not to stop at the surface of things, especially when facing a person. We are called to look beyond, to focus on the heart to see how much generosity each person is capable of. No one must be excluded from God’s mercy. Everyone knows that the way to reach it, and the Church, is the house that welcomes all and refuses no one. Its doors are always wide open, so that those who are touched by grace may find the certainty of forgiveness. The greater the sin, the greater the love must be that the Church expresses towards those that convert.”

— Homily in St. Peter’s Basilica, March 14, 2015 (

Here are a couple of great YouTube videos on Confession to listen to!  Check it out!!
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